Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lowe's Extravaganza

We just about bought out the store today! We've had a cold, rainy, and overcast Saturday, so we thought we'd go shopping to beat the blues. LOL Okay, you know that's not true of us, but we had a list going of things we needed at Lowe's and had a coupon that was expiring soon, so we thought this would be a good day to go. We spent hours in Lowes and just about bought out the store. True to every shopping adventure, we got more than we went in for, but that's the usual for a hardware store shop. Things on our list that we got included a flag pole, generator, fireplace set, and wheelbarrow. Things that we talked ourselves into needing included tulips and other bulbs (mine), chiminea (we both loved it and concluded we will get lots of use out of it with the colder weather setting in), bird feeders & bird food (I had been wanting these for a while and added them to the basket while he was getting his wheelbarrow), two 4x4 posts (forgot to include on the list but intended to get them to make a new address sign for out by the road), copper post topper with battery- & solar-powered light (so you can see the new sign), copper post cover (matches the topper but for the side post), and a metal ash bucket. It may not sound like a lot, but trust was. We had fun shopping and Nathan is having fun assembling the chiminea and organizing his wood shed. Now I'm off to stamp....or scrapbook...or something crafty! TTFN

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