Wednesday, October 10, 2007

And now for the goodies...

I finally took some pictures of my goodies from Amuse. I will definitely be back to the store...and that's a great thing for stamping but not so great for my pocketbook. I'll have to put myself on a budget everytime I walk through those doors!

The little square pebbles, reigndeer stamp, and "Happy Birthday" stamp were all in my goodie bag, which I received for spending over $40!! I absolutely love everything and have already used a lot of the stamps. :-) The Amuse stamps lend themselves to simplicity, and that's what I've returned to...for now! The animal set is a clear set. I have found that I'm using more of my clear stamps because I can position them exactly where I want them, which I love! Unbelievably, this set of 19 stamps was only $14.99. They are small (and the same size that's on the package), but they're all so cute!

Here are some fun cards I've made with the whale. I haven't added any sentiments, as I can use the "You're a ton of fun" or use them for baby boy cards.
(**Click on the pictures for a larger view.)


Mindy said...

Those cards are really precious!

Mindy said...

Those stamps are really cute, too! I can't wait to see something with the elephant or pig.

Did you use the technique you found on that website the other day for the shading? It looks like you did a great job of it.

MWIT said...

Thanks, Mindy! :) I haven't made any with either one of those yet, but I'm working on it! As for the shading, I don't have the right kind of markers nor do I have an I'm still using the chalks and paintbrush. For now it seems to be working okay.