Thursday, October 4, 2007

Warm floors = Easier to get up in the morning

Last night, it was quite chilly in the house so Nathan turned on our radiant floor heat. We woke up this morning to a warmer house and nice warm floors. It was nice to be able to go to the bathroom without having to tip-toe across the tile! :) Praise God that they work; I love them.

Today was a pretty day between the raindrops, so after my dreaded dentist appointment, I took Bexar over to Marymoore. I wanted him to run a lot, but he poked along at a slow pace with his nose to the ground. I guess too many wonderful smells to pass up...We also saw two other male rotties today. That was so fun, as I usually don't see many. :-) One was 7 months old and the other was the same age as Bexar. Both were very playful, but Bexar was in a pokey mood this afternoon, so he didn't really chase them much. He trotted along after them, waiting for them to turn around and come back the other way, but he didn't seem interested. Oh well, he was very good behavior wise, of which I am always thankful!

Now off to the HT to soak in 102 degrees of warm bubbles while sitting out in the 46 degree drizzle! I love the covered hot tub. :-)

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Mindy said...

Wow! That sounds nice and cozy. On cold mornings, that just might help urge me to get out of bed. I hate getting out of bed when I am cold.