Saturday, February 23, 2008

Baby Thanks

Seems like the weeks are just flying by. We've had a full week of sunshine and it has been wonderful. I've enjoyed being outside, but I've missed stamping. :-) I thought I'd share some thank you cards I made for Wendy to thank all of the loving people that are showering her (and Taylor) with gifts. Her family and friends are celebrating with her in Ft. Worth today. I was just thinking about her and thought I'd share these. I really like how they turned out. Each onesie was hand-cut - yes, I'm crazy. I made 10 of these and cut 91 onesies (I lost one). :-) I also decorated some of the plain ones and popped all of them up on dimensionals. I might make more of these, as there are lots of babies these days. I think something might be in the water at church. :)
Have a fabulous weekend. I'm off to hit Flower World with my friend, Rochelle. She said she was in need of some color!

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