Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love Overflowing

My husby loves me dearly. He does so many wonderful things for me and showers me with love and affection. He is just wonderful. I got the sweetest *early* Valentine's gift from him Monday. He usually doesn't give gifts for holidays, much less ones that aren't useful many times over, so this was special. He was so cute, as he was just excited to give it to me as I was to receive it! He had gone out and found a unique gift that he knew I would just love, and now I have flower power! Oh my goodness, this is some of the yummiest smelling stuff!
The box itself is so bright and can bet this will be inspiration for a card someday in the future. :) I also kept the pretty red and yellow ribbons so neatly tied into a big bow!

This beautiful box is filled with handmade, organic soaps, bubble bath, and perfume. The orange & yellow one is called "The Happy Pill." I haven't tried it yet, but the smell of it sure makes me happy. :) I usually take tubbies in the evenings, so I just don't want to waste "happiness" in the evening! I've been really grumpy lately, so this could be a good thing. Maybe husby got this just entire box just for the happy pill! I wouldn't doubt it. :) I'm telling you...I've been really grumpy! So far, the blue bubble bath "slice" is my favorite. The bubbles last FOREVER. I take really long long that the water gets too cold I need to get out. There were still bubbles when I got out. I love the color too, as it turns the water blue like the Caribbean. Definitely a PLUS!
One last amazing thing about this bucket o' greatness is that the tag is made with wildflower seeds. I can actually plant the entire tag and have a small patch of wildflowers!
Since I'm filled with flower power, I'm off to clean out the flower beds! It's actually nice out today...a balmy 42 degrees with some sunshine playing hide-n-seek with the clouds. :)

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Kim said...

What a fun project! TFS!