Monday, February 11, 2008

Will I ever learn?

Last Thursday while I had Bex with me and we were out and about, I stopped into this cute little dog shop in Redmond. While browsing, and really just using it as an excuse to get Bex out and walk him around a bit, I found this neat little toy. He used to love his soft toys, so I thought it was perfect for him. It was soft, washable, squeakable, and floatable. Wow! AND the best part, it's rated a "9" on the "tuff" scale of 1-10.

As you can see in the following picture, after 10 minutes of playing, he had already ripped off part of the edging.After 2 days, he has conquered the "Tuffie."
Needless to say, I was disappointed, but maybe I'll learn the lesson this time... Soft toys + Bexar = Destruction and quick loss of money

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Mindy said...

We have the same issues with Max. But he really enjoys the stuffed animals. We are about to throw them all out as they are just worn out.