Monday, January 28, 2008

Day of Work

Saturday was a day of work around the house. We started our morning with a soak in the hot tub. Since our firewood pile is quickly dwindling, Nathan chopped more wood, while I reorganized and stacked the wood pile. Then, we gathered more cut wood from the woods and added it to the pile to dry out for a while. We then went into the garage and cut down TONS of cardboard boxes that were still in there, taking up most of the room in the garage. Our garage is HUGE, so there were a lot and it looked so disorganized with them all thrown in there willy nilly. Afterward, it looked like a big garage again. :) It was chilly and rainy the whole day, but we felt like we had accomplished a lot. We still want to organize his tool bench; it's just about impossible to find anything on it in under 5 minutes! We've got some work to do, but hopefully we'll get it done soon. I stamped the better part of the afternoon and then we finished off the evening with a movie and snuggling...the best part of the day!

I wasn't feeling well on Sunday, so I stayed home and stamped all day! I just can't seem to get enough right now. :) I had fun making cards. I've got about 10 cards signed and addressed... if I can just get to the post office!

Hope your day is fabulous and productive!

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