Monday, January 21, 2008

Surprise Lake Snowshoe

Nathan and Bexar went snowshoeing to Surprise Lake, up by Steven's Pass, on Saturday so I could have a girls' day. The roads were pretty slick and it snowed the entire time on them. Bexar had so much fun romping around in the snow, and even digging his head into the snow, sniffing around. Apparently he would stuff his entire head into the snow, pull it out and sneeze, and go back for another dive. Nathan said it was hilarious! They didn't actually make it to Surprise, due to several reasons, but we would all like to go back soon and check it out again. We love taking Bex on excursions where he can run off a lot of energy. When we get home, he's so exhausted and that's when he's the snuggliest! This day was no exception! He's already bouncing around again, ready to go!

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Mindy said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! I must admit that while I don't like to be cold, snow sure is beautiful and peaceful.