Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Thousand Tomorrows and Just Beyond the Clouds

Both of these books are by one of my favorite authors, Karen Kingsbury. A Thousand Tomorrows is a love story of a bull rider (Cody Gunner) and a barrel racer (Ali). Ali helps Cody to forgive family that has wronged him and Cody helps Ali to live a life worth meaning. A great story with great meaning, but be prepared to grab the tissue box. Just Beyond the Clouds is the sequel to A Thousand Tomorrows and continues on with Cody's brother's life and living with down syndrome. Another excellent read and very touching. Just keep the tissue box next to you for this one too.

I love Karen's books because I think she addresses real issues that people face everyday. She makes me think of what I might do in that situation and sometimes even relates to something I'm facing. These two books in particular helped me to think on bitterness, forgiveness, and the struggles that physically handicapped people face. So if you have a moment, these are pretty quick reads and you won't regret reading them!

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Mindy said...

I'll have to add those to my ever-growing list of books I need to read. I went to the library about a week and a half ago and checked out 5 books or so. I have only finished one so far. I have a hard time accomplishing much with Max around.