Sunday, January 20, 2008

Showers of blessings

I went to a baby shower yesterday and wanted to make a small card, so I put this together. I used crystal effects over the hearts so they appeared more like rain and added some to the umbrella. Simple and cute. Jennie had her little girl "Cilia" at the end of December, and she is so cute. I had such a fun time at the shower and enjoyed a girl's day yesterday. After the shower, I went shopping with my friend Ann to a little group of shops in Bothell with tons of cute cute stuff. Of course, there was a stamp store there, which admittedly was my main interest in going, but as we visited the shops, I was reminded of my love for country decor. So fun! I finished up the evening with dinner at a lovely little Italian restaurant in Queen Ann (the City) with my friends Leslie & Shannon. It was a wonderful day that even involved a little stamping in between all of the running around. Enjoy!

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