Thursday, January 31, 2008

Routines and hand towels

I've always had this "thing" with hand towels.

Hand towels are for:
1. Drying hands
2. Drying dishes

Hand towels are not for:
1. Wiping up spills
2. Wiping your hands while they're dirty
3. Soiling in any way

N and I have always differed in our view of hand towels. We have held our ground on this issue for about ten years now and neither will give. Well, mark it down that today, I've used the hand towel for its unintended use. I hate that I'm staining my hand towel (although we received it as a wedding shower gift and it's quite old and tattered); however, desperate measures had to be taken. You see, I've got this ritual. Every morning, I take Bex outside, come in, feed him, grind the coffee beans, start the coffee maker, get my coffee mug from the cupboard, get a paper towel & fold it in half, grab a spoon, and get out the coffee mate. Then, I go upstairs and start my computer, and come back down to get a cup of coffee. EVERY morning I do this same routine. {May I interject here, that I've rarely been a creature of habit. I'm usually flitting about here and there, going where the wind blows me.} However, I catch myself doing this same thing and here's the catch- I like it! Getting back to the paper towel...why do you grab a paper towel? Well, a lot of times, when I remove the pot from its "hotspot", the coffee drips down onto the hotspot and I can't stand putting the pot back into the coffee mess, so I use the paper towel to wipe the coffee off and then put my spoon back on it to catch its drip, too. I think this probably came from my neat-freak dad! It's funny the things we pick up from our parents without knowing it. Okay, back to the hand towel. Today, while going through my ritual, I noticed I am completely out of paper towels, so I was forced to use the hand towel. {CRINGE} I know. I hate it. But I guess I hate the face of putting the pot down in the coffee mess more...Strange creature am I!

Have a blessed Thursday! I'm off to get paper towels!!


Mindy said...

I am completely with you on the hand towel thing. Do you think that's a girl thing? M will use a hand towel for just about anything. Once it's used to clean up a spill, then it's dirty and has to be thrown in the laundry.

WAMM said...

This is a great post, babe. One of my favorites. However, on the topic of towels you are really adrift on a sea of bad thinking. Towels are for absorbing liquids, cleaning surfaces, polishing, wiping, swiping, dabbing, and otherwise removing something you dropped or spilled or got dirty/wet. In other words towels are for towelling.