Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fun with Onesies and The Girls

My sweet friend, Science-Fiction Reader, is having her first baby very soon. We recently had a shower for her and she needs lots of thank-you cards. Well, she had seen some cards that I had done for another friend (Princess Kitty) that she loved and wanted when she was ready. Well, she's ready now and because these are so labor-intensive, I suckered "The Girls" into helping me cut onesies (270 of them). Thankfully for me, they were even game for assembly! The assembly went very quickly; we made 25 in less than an hour! The Girls are so much fun; need I say, this didn't feel like work! :) We had chicken Caesar salads for lunch and, as you can see, several good laughs!Aren't they darling?!Twinkle Toes got the popsicle stuck on her lip...which wasn't funny.
Or was it?
Bexar's Bud kept him busy all day! You should have seen these two; Bex was attached to his hip for 4 hours! They played inside and out and he just spoiled Bex with attention (like he doesn't get enough)! I don't think they wanted to be separated! Bex was tuckered out from all the playing and he slept the entire evening! It made me so happy to see Bex so happy! So the huge smile on his face? So fun! {I'm actually a little jealous of how happy they both look.} I love this photo; it's just so sweet!

Happy weekend! I'm off to help Science-Fiction Reader and her hubby move and then off to a wedding. Have a great day and happy stamping!

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Keri Lee Sereika said...

Those are darling Bella....sorry I know your name is Melinda...I just can't help but think of you as Bella!!! LOL

270????????? wow good think you had HELP!!!!!!!!!!!