Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Logan the Hunter

Not a day goes by without some kind of excitement around here! Bexar's best buddy, Logan, lives next door and is a hunter. He loves chasing squirrels, moles, birds, chickens, peacocks, any kind of creature that is smaller than him and runs across the ground. He's usually quite successful at catching them, and today was no exception. As I was going through the cilantro, making salsa, I looked up and here he comes, prancing down the driveway with this poor creature dangling lifelessly from his jowels.
Yes, unfortunately, that's our other neighbor's chicken. Apparently they had let their chickens out of the pen to walk around and since Logan's invisible fence isn't working, he scored a large snack. I felt badly for all of the neighbors. Neither Logan's mom nor I knew that there were chickens close by. We'll be keeping a closer eye on the boys now.

Just a quick update about the tree: The service guys came around at about 9:30 and turned our power off. Our neighbors, Ex-Fireman & Grumpy, used their clippers to remove the smaller limbs so we could at least drive underneath it this morning to get out of the driveway. When we got up this morning, the tree had been cut and cleared to the sides of the driveway. Our power was restored at around 4am (according to the blinking alarm clock). We're thankful to have our power back, although it was kind of fun making quesadillas last night in the dark...that's the beauty of a gas stove and oven! :)

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