Saturday, June 14, 2008

Work Day

Today is a work day around the Bell house. The rowing guys came over today and helped us with spreading mulch, weed-whacking, wood hauling, and various other outdoor activities.

Here are the guys:

I've been taking some photos, catching up on some stamping stuff, and I'll eventually head outside and rake the grass clippings and weed more flower beds. Tonight is a bachelorette party, which I think will be pretty fun!

EDIT: The rowing guys are gone and here's a small part of what they accomplished:Not one pile, but 2 piles of wood gathered from our property!
They're such hard workers and we were so thankful for all of the work they did! It looks like our next task will be splitting and stacking, preparing for the winter. :)

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Keri Lee Sereika said...

WOWZERS that looks like you are working em hard! LOL

We got THE BEST BOX today!!! MELINDA!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just spoiled us, the kids are so excited to go swimming using their new floats!!! And I loved all the PINK LEMONADE you sent!!! Thank you!!! I will send Ad's card on to him on Monday with his next package!!!