Monday, June 9, 2008

Wind Storm Excitement

There's nothing like a natural disaster to stir up some excitement in our house! Okay, okay...wind storm and natural disaster may be exaggerated just a little. :) Here's the very real but unexciting story:
Apparently the saturated roots of a large tree that lines our driveway couldn't hold the tower of leaves that it anchored during the 40 mph winds tonight, so it toppled over from the neighbor's yard into our driveway and plopped right down on the power lines. Thankfully we still have power, because where would we be without our internet connection?! Anyway, our neighbor (Bike Boy), knocked on our door, letting us know about the incident at about 7:15, so we rushed out to take a look-see. He proceeded to tell us that he called his parents, who in turn, called the Fire Department. In preparation for the FD's arrival, Mountain Man got his trusty chainsaw out {which he, unlike WOW Addict, is very experienced with} and I armed myself with the Rebel. The local FD arrived almost immediately, but they wouldn't touch it because it was just too dangerous, so they taped off the driveway and called the PUD. I had already placed a call to the PUD, but they told me it could be a long while before somebody comes out because they were swamped with calls of people with downed trees and loss of power. we sit, stuck in our house without our beloved Ben & Jerry's, which I was about to go get and no eggs to make brownies or cake or anything to satisfy our sweet cravings!

Hope your evening is less exciting. :)

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SonbyGrace said...

Assuming that I am WOW Addict (an undeserved and untrue sentiment in itself), I would like to voice my dismay at the implication that I am not experienced witha a chainsaw. It was in fact my vast experience with chainsaws that lead to my over-confidence and laxidaisical attitude, which in turn lead to my doing what I know better than to do ... which then lead to the near-removal of necessary body parts with said chainsaw. People that are new to chainsaws are overly careful to the point of retentive ... people that are are experienced, sans-injury, are are overy aggressive, and those with enough experience to have experienced or witnessed crimson cloaked mishaps, have just the right amount of respect ...

So there.